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The Rosary is a combination of vocal, mental, and contemplative prayer on the life of Jesus and Mary. It traces the lives of both from the Incarnation (the Angels announcing Jesus' birth to Mary), to Mary's Assumption into Heaven. Since the addition of the Luminous Mysteries by the late Pope John Paul II, it now includes the public life of Jesus along with his Passion and Resurrection. The beads are used to count the prayers and help keep the mind focused. The rosary has been called the "miniature Gospel."

Actually making the rosaries is the last part of the process. It begins with trying to find unusual, unique, or just different beads for the "Hail Mary" beads, then finding "Our Father" beads to compliment or contrast them. Then comes the part of trying to match the centers and Crucifixes to the color, mood, or feel of the beads. Sometimes this happens quickly, sometimes it takes what seems like forever before things go together! Actually making them takes between and hour and an hour and a half depending on the beads, wire I'm using and how my hands are doing that day. That's for the regular rosaries. For the wire wrapped ones, well that's a different story! They take longer because I have to work on them a little at a time--usually one decade at a time. Therefore, they can take days up to a week. They are definitely more labor intensive, but well worth it. I love making rosaries and would rather be doing that than just about anything else!

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