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Special Order Mother's Day Necklace
This necklace and earring set were commissioned by a friend of mine for her 50th birthday. The crystals represent the birthstones of everyone in her family. The ones on the top swirl are for her and her husband, and the ones below are for her 3 kids. There is one crystal representing each person on the earrings. I'm excited for her to see it completed!

If you would like a custom order done for you either in this style, or any other, please feel free to email me and we can work on it together!

Amethyst and Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Rosary
This rosary is the one my group is donating to the awards banquet at the Catholic Biblical School. Every year I've tried to donate a rosary to help raise money during the silent auction. Since this is our senior year, we decided to go all out and get some really nice stones and do it in sterling silver. This is made with faceted A grade amethyst roundels and the cross and center are sterling silver. It is wire wrapped in sterling silver and will hopefully become an heirloom for the family of whoever wins it in the auction. The money from this goes to the scholarship fund, and as I was blessed enough to get a scholarship to go to the school all four years, I'm so very thankful I can give back in some small way. My group helped pitch in money for supplies so we could get high grade amethyst to make it with. I used an Our Lady of Guadalupe center in honor of the Jerome Mission which is being started in Juarez, Mexico so they can also have a Biblical school. One of the professors at the Denver Catholic Biblical school is starting this new venture and he and his wife are moving to El Paso to carry it out. I wanted to honor that, so Ben and Kathy, here's a rosary in your honor. I hope whoever gets this rosary has many wonderful years of using it and then passes it down to others in the family. I really enjoyed making it. I'm hoping it will raise a lot of money for the School!

Sept. 11. 2006:
The picture below is of the Graduation Remembrances I am making for my class who are graduating next spring at the Denver Catholic Biblical School. I was able to get a scholarship to go to the school, so I am donating 10% of my gross sales of the necklaces and bookmarks to the scholarship fund for future students to have the same opportunity I had. The colors are in the school's logo, and the charms and Swarovski crystal beads are wire wrapped in sterling silver wire. The chains are handcrafted of sterling silver wire also.
CBS Graduation prensents

Sept. 2 2006:
Now that the busy summer is over, we're getting ready for an even busier fall! The concerts went well and a big thanks to all who came and helped out the migrant farm workers.

My new line of Jewelry of Faith is up and I'll be adding more as I get them made. If there is anything you would like to see, please feel free to email me with ideas.

I'm also starting a line of awareness bracelets that are in the planning stages. We're going to do them a little different than what you've seen before, and also offer bracelets for those supporting those going through cancer or other problems to show your solidarity with those affected. This first ones are going to a friend of mine, so stay tuned to see them when I get them made.

I just had surgery on my other hand 2 weeks ago, so things are a little slow, but coming along. At least that makes both of them done now. Just the physical therapy to get them both working again. Fortunately for me, therapy is making rosaries and jewelry! Just a little slower than usual. I also can't do as much wire work for awhile, but it will come. with time. At least I can still do the basics!

You can also keep up to date by reading my musings and messages on the Distinctive Style and Design BLOG.